Calais No Border Camp 23-29 June

The Calais No Border camp is an exciting joint venture between French activists and migrant support groups and the UK No Borders Network.

It aims to highlight the realities of the situation in Calais and Northern France; to build links with the migrant communities; to help build links between migrants support groups; and lastly, but not least, to challenge the authorities on the ground, to protest against increased repression of migrants and local activists alike.

Why Calais?
For centuries European imperial powers have exploited the land, resources and people of the majority world to become wealthy and powerful, leaving war, environmental destruction and massive inequality in their wake. Those who attempt the journey to the UK are challenging this injustice by their movement.

At the end of this journey they face another humanitarian crisis - caused by the increasingly repressive British and EU immigration policies. This makes the Calais border an important focal point for the struggle between those who would see an end to all migration into the EU and those trying to break down the barriers between peoples and the borders that prevent the freedom of movement for all all but the privileged few.

Building a movement against borders:
This camp is not just about Calais: we are calling for the freedom of movement for all, an end to borders and to all migration controls. We need to build a radical transnational movement to challenge these repressive policies that serve to divide us into citizens and non-citizens, into the documented and the undocumented.

The Calais camp is a place to strengthen this movement and we need your help to make it happen. We call on all groups and individuals that want to show transnational solidarity to join us in Calais. If you want to get involved in helping to organise the camp, support us with fundraising and publicity, host an event on Calais and No Borders or offer practical
skills and support please get in touch (details below).

No one is illegal! Freedom of Movement for all!

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