Climate Activists ‘Do A Banksy’ On 27 Tesco Branches

At 4am this morning twenty-seven branches of TESCO across central London were attacked by teams of climate activists. ‘The Climate Suffrajets’ used stencils and green spray paint to write on the shops’ entrance doors.

The stencils were of two energy-efficient light bulbs being smashed by planes with TESCO written above and EVERY LITTLE HURTS below. The design refers to a Tesco promotion that gives free air miles to customers buying energy-efficient light bulbs. The protesters complain that offering air miles as reward for buying energy efficient light bulbs is confusing the consumer about climate change. A spokesman for the group said:

‘Energy efficient light bulbs save tiny amounts of CO2 compared to how much one flight wastes. By offering air miles as a reward for making small environmental changes Tesco is confusing us about what we can really do to reduce our climate impact. It’s like handing out a free pack of cigarettes with every nicotine patch! As long as they continue with their campaign we’ll continue with ours.’

Last week Tesco’s weekly turnover was announced to be £1 billion, as the company benefited greatly from the recession. A spokesman from Tesco was unavailable to comment on how much it will cost to wash the green stencils from their storefronts.