Invitation to the Biovision 2007 counter-summit

This message is adressed to all people in Europe who want to resist actively GMO’s, cloning, nano-technologies, biometrics, DNA registration, industrial experiments upon animals, BioPatent and more generally agrochemical multinational policy.

If it is possible for you to take a few days off between the 9th and the 14th of March, 2007 and if you have the means to come to Lyon (France), we invite you to take part in our Summit against Biovision/Biosquare.

The Biovision/Biosquare Forum is the biggest European Forum and one of the three biggest worldwide on Biotechnologies. This Forum takes place every odd year in Lyon. On the one hand it is an instrument of propaganda (Biovision) in favour of biotechnologies and on the other a market (Biosquare) where scientists propose to sell industrial applications to companies of the sector.

The other years Biosquare is held in a Swiss city (Geneva in 2006, Basle in 2004, Zurich in 2002) while Biovision is held from now on in a large town of a country of the south (in 2006 in Alexandria, Egypt).

By the time, this Forum has become a full-time lobbying machinery in favour of biotechnologies. It aims to the creation of jobs with high incomes in the area and to decide our future.

If you choose to oppose to biotechnologies as we do, we invite you to contact ( and to join us.

We will be able to accommodate a certain number of people, but it can be more pleasant for you to pay hotel rooms if you can or to stay at a friend’s house.

It will be possible to park caravans or buses. Also we would appreciate all kind of help, for instance if you could come one week in advance.

If you cannot come, watch out : a cyber-action is already being planned.

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