3rd, 4th and 5th of july amsterdam cyclist declare a war on cars

When the wars on cars begin we'll have: critical masses, alley cat races, tall bike joustings, bike wars, bike polo, road blockades, workshops, infostands, food not bombs, parties and a lot of fun! Bike action days, this summer in amsterdam.


In the weekend of july 4th we declare a war on cars. In this weekend there will be a bike festival in Amsterdam. On different locations events, workshops, info stands, fun & games, parties, and direct actions to block and frustrate the traffic will be held. Cars lead to pollution, climate change, deaths and injuries. They are a nuisance, and are dominating the public space.Where the public space is not designed to facilitate the ever consuming shopping frenzy and industry it is designed to please fossil-fuel-traffic.

Since there is so little time left to prevent climate change to turn into catastrophic disaster we consider it irresponsible to invest in any type of fossil fuels. To give way to the same corrupted industries that got us in this mess in the first place is rediculous. Still the government is constructing more roads and highways, more lanes on existing highways, and investing in more industry and world trade. Even ‘Agro-fuels’ are not going to save the world. On the contrairy they will starve most of the world’s population. The oil-age is at its end and western society is clasping on to its unfairly acquired concentration of wealth and luxury. Now not only devastating life elsewhere on this planet but with climate change also making sure that in the future of the whole earth will not be so pleasant and bio-divers.

We are not going to take it anymore! When the war on cars begins we will send out a message to car users that they do not have ultimate priority in public space anymore, that cars are outdated technology since oil will not be affordable for ever and that we demand a healthy earth for the next generations. We will temporarily reclaim some public space for games and fun, promoting bikes and demanding more space and facilities for bikes, and for informing people about alternatives to an oil-based society.

Throughout the weekend there will be an ´alley-cat´-race, a carrier bike (bakfiets) race, tall bike jousting and bike wars. To enter an event send an email of your team name and which event to enter to or just show up with your (carrier)bike, tall bike or warbike. Also a lot of help is needed in organizing, and mobilizing. Especially outside Amsterdam and Holland! So get in touch, inform your surroundings, get involved, get active!