Raynesway eviction today

Raynesway peace camp needs you now !

The peace camp at Raynesway Derby was set up as an anti nuclear campaign against Rolls Royce ( across the road ) for their part in supplying reactors and parts for the trident Nuclear subs , it is due eviction today at 4 pm . If you have the time spare please get down to the site and show support .

Protesters are wanting Rolls Royce to phase out all nuclear activities at the Rayensway plant within the next 5 years and move into work which is sustainable and provide and make publicly available a comprehensive evacuation plan for people living and working within a two mile radius of the factory. This plan should be thoroughly tested and evaluated by the local council and emergency services.

What you can do
Get down to the camp and show your support tree houses are already in place and we are working on a community space, there is plenty of room as the site is located on the old Ram Arena, the old training ground for Derby's football team so there is an overgrown football size patch for tents, as well as an old gym which has nice graffiti all of which are under a section 6 notice (right to squat) the site backs on to a fork off the river Derwent and is full of wildlife and trees.

Although we have no specific requests for tat at the moment but climbing gear and the usual stuff is always needed

The police are aware of the site and so far have been polite and minimal numbers (solo cop) and seem to be visiting once a day

The site is easy to get to by following the river footpaths for Alvaston form the city centre, look out for the peace signs

The location of the site is between point A and the sign A5111 on the right hand side of the road on the Google map

Google street view of the entrance http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?utm_campaign=en_GB&utm_medium=ha&utm_sourc...

Site phone number 07908534383