Foxs stop houses being build on floodplain by Nottingham's richest man

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Nottingham meadow

Monster houses being built on rare meadow floodplain by nottinghams richest man whilst 600,000 residential homes lay empty in nottinghamshire alone.

South of Nottingham near Clifton Bridge in Wilford, the company voted the UK worst housebuilder is currently destroying a meadow & cutting down trees for monster 4 storey houses on a floodplain. Locals have voiced dissent, but to no avail. Trees, hedges & rare Nottingham crocuses have been maintained by locals including yours truely for many years, roman remains have been found, this has helped save some of the trees & crocuses, but floodplain & meadow which are being destroyed are very rare.
Vehicles on site have been regulary made safe & trees protected in various by clever monster foxes & badgers using various hand tools.
Recycle the empties & build ecohomes in the right area for the people made environmentally out of strawbale etc, maybe even bricks moulded with resin from the waste currently burnt at Eastcroft. If we don’t then it maybe Nottingham facing a crisis like New Orleans, meanwhile the wildlife of Sherwood & Charnwood are already expressing their opinion with action.