Land and Forest Occpation started in Lapland (Finland)

On the 26th of August an international occupationcamp has been started in Finnish Lapland, due to the planning of uranium mining and the planning of a new nuclear plant. Locals and participants from the climate camp finland, decided to combine powers and try to preserve the lappish nature and way of life.

latest news from the camp, Ranua ( FL)

August 31th, 2009
On August 26th a basecamp has been established for the Ranua Rescue Areva Mining Monitors. During the Lapland Nuclear Climate Camp in July we learned from locals that Areva has already began their uranium prospecting in Ranua, Lapland. We have come here to monitor Areva's activities and help support the resistance to uranium mining here, and everywhere.
We have found a beautiful location for the camp, near a lake, within an old forest, on the edge of Areva's massive prospecting claim area. We need thoughtful, respectful people, skills, supplies, support, laughter, and dedication!
You can check the site, and the blog on
Soon we will be sending photos and directions to get here, we will also set up a schedule for when people are most needed, what is needed, and what events will be happening.
When you want to come to the camp, contact in advance (camp (at) and tell of your arrival time in Ranua. From there you can phone the camp work phone number +358 40 365 2041.[1]


So everybody who has some spare time on their hands is very welcome to come.

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