Ratcliffe on Soar installing new fences - in time for the Great Climate Swoop

Ratcliffe on Soar are currently installing new perimeter fences (12ft chain link).

As I went past on the train today they were installing new metal fences (about 12ft tall) near the train line. The fence is metal metal chain-link (the newer heavy duty design) and has vertical wire running accross the top 4ft section (doesn't look to be electrocuted or razor wire). They are also installing large amounts of portable pedestrian barrier the other side.

In this a coincidence? It may be part of the ongoing works at the power station and part of the completion of new train station placed next to power station (East Midlands Parkway). After climate camp went to Drax they installed new fences at a cost of £3-£4Million (source - tour guide at Drax power station).



17-18th October 2009

Don't be confused - 2009 is just another year of climate talks, in which governments and corporations will continue business as usual and tell us how a load of corrupt (but profitable) trading is in fact a real attempt to save the world.

To solve climate change we're going to have to get together and make a real noise. CO2 levels are rising 20,000 times faster than at any point in life's astonishing billion year history and coal is the biggest source of emissions. If we burn all the coal in the ground we're toast. No butter, no jam, just toast. So stopping the burning of coal in the rapidly warming world is a good place to start.

That's why on the 17th & 18th October 2009 we're having a mega get together to close one of the UK's biggest coal fired power stations, E.ON's Ratcliffe-on-Soar in Nottingham.

Another end of the world is possible.