Five fur farms closed down after ALF actions

reported by activists in Italy:

"August 2009

The Animal Liberation Investigation Unit (ALIU) announced the final closure of 2 mink farms in Italy.

- The De Nardi farm in Vittorio Veneto (TV) was found locked and long abandoned. Instead of mink in the sheds, some sheep roam.
We entered the farm at nightfall and we found some cages with birds inside.
Although our aim was only to document the closure of the farm, we could not leave these beautiful animals locked in tiny cages, so we smashed the cages and watched the birds fly away.
De Nardi until a few years ago was president of the Italian Mink Farmers Association.

(click here for additional photos from the De Nardi farm)

- The Anipel mink farm in San Martino Buon Albergo (VR) is finally closed. All cages and sheds are empty. Some sheds were being dismantled and cages were stacked outside along with a truck for sale.
The walls of the sheds still have messages painted by activists who previously visited this farm, and the building that houses cold storage and warehouses has no roof, which was probably destroyed in the fire of 2006.
A dozen dogs are still confined on the grounds of the farm."

(click here for additional photos from the Anipel farm)

The anti-fur network Offensive gegen die Pelzindustrie has announced that three fur farms in Germany have closed down, farms that until recently imprisoned thousands of mink.

Among the farms was one near the city of Melle that was visited by the A.L.F. in January 2007 when hundreds of empty cages were destroyed. The farm never rebuilt following the action.