Rapid Technology Transfer Group to take over the Earth Centre

A campaign has been running to reclaim the earth centre in doncaster as a community skill share centre. It has come to light that the local council and a conglomorate of many multinationals has been planning a take over. They deal in chemicals, construction, nuclear, engineering, audiovisual, 3D tech, aerospace, defense and a whole lot more.

They planned an open day to our knowledge this has not been publicised and very few people in the community are aware so in order that the community not be excluded again! We feel it important to share this information and urge you to attend:

Earthw rks
Development Planning 2010
First Quarter – Open Days - Tuesday, February 9th and Wednesday, March 31st
This is an open invitation to all organisations and individuals willing to contribute expertise to restore the site of the former Earth Centre as a national resource for researching, understanding and practising sustainability.

Please e-mail mike@therttg.org to register and receive full details. Outdoor wear is recommended. Photography for personal use is permitted in all areas.

for more details of this situation please see http://welovetheearthcentre.blogspot.com