Anti-Coal Protest raft sails down River Seven

No New Coal Raft
On Sunday 31st residents from the Huntington Lane Camp took their message onto the river Seven and sailed it downstream. The six person raft complete with a big “No New Coal” banner and UK Coal digger figurehead sailed down the River Seven and past EON’s Buildwas B coal fired power station which is where the coal from Huntington Lane will eventually end up. It then sailed further downstream and under the famous Iron Bridge where it was meet with cheers from a crowd of locals and tourists who had gathered on the bridge.

There was also a team on land who were raising awareness of the camp by talking to the people on the riverside and bridge about what they were doing and why they where doing it. Generally most people were supportive and positive about the campaign. The event also had a fair bit of local media overage with the Shropshire Star and Midlands Today both covering it.

The camp has now been stopping work at Huntington Lane almost six months, if you want to help then donations of food, tools and water are always appreciated as are new faces at the camp

West Midlands Climate Action