Attack on GM field in Pully, Switzerland

During the night of June 23-24, an experimental field of GM wheat was attacked with herbicides with the aim of killing the plants and preventing research into genetically modified organisms. This was despite 24 hour guard, a double fence, CCTV and plain clothes cops in the surrounding streets. Unlike in 2008 and 2009 when the field was also decontaminated, the research centre this year did not issue a press release about the ecotage.

The activists explained, "Opposition to genetic engineering is part of a wider opposition to the total control of society and life that is being created thanks to the development of nano and biotechnology.

For these reasons, we also want to express our solidarity through concrete actions with those who oppose this technoscientfic capitalist system, and in particular with Marco Camenisch, Silvia, Costa and Billy, revolutionary prisoners who are now jailed in Switzerland because they understood that words are not enough and that action is needed to create radical change, even if this means risking their own freedom.

Communique in full

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