Ffos y fran coal train verdict + action snaps

13 of us were in court today (13.8.10) to be sentenced for blockading the railway at Ffos y fran mine back in April, when several people locked on to the tracks in order to stop a train carrying coal to Aberthaw, the dirtiest power station in Wales.

We received conditional discharges and restraining orders away from the mine and the power station. Four people were ordered to pay compensation costs to Miller Argent, the company who owns the mine, The judge acknowledged that the action had been carried out carefully to ensure there would be no danger to anyone.

With their hands in the pockets of corporations, it's not surprising that governments failed us at the Copenhagen climate summit. We can't rely on their false solutions anymore. It's up to ordinary people taking direct action to stop climate chaos. Fossil fuel extraction devastates communities and is being resisted around the world, from opencast mining in Merthyr to tar sands oil in Alberta, Canada.

Meanwhile, Climate Camp Cymru set up camp today near Nant Helen and Seler opencast mines, elsewhere in south Wales.


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