Climate Camp Have Occupied land near Gogarburn RBS HQ

Update, Thursday 19th:
The to-be-dramatic "Swoop" to occupy the site of Climate Camp in Edinburgh wasn't so dramatic. As the site, in RBS's back garden, had been taken the night before, many people were already onsite and much (all?) risk taken out of the swoop process.So four separate meeting places to avoid containment were replaced with a single one, sunny St Andrews Square, where around 60 heavily-laden campers gathered, chatted and then left to go to the site. On the X48 bus, much to the relief of those with an Edinburgh A-Z.

As of 4pm, campers were busy setting up. Mains water is being arranged with the co-operation of the Council. Marquees are being erected and kitchens taking shape. The entrance to the Camp provides a view over the back windows and lawn of RBS's global HQ, carved out of the green belt scant months before its hubristic collapse. There wasn't too much activity visible there in the afternoon. Police and security guards are posted at each entrance but there's a marked lack of tension compared with previous years.

Those with time are encouraged to come along and help set-up for the Camp's official start on Saturday.


At 9.15PM tonight Climate Camp took the site on RBS HQ. Get on site as fast as you can! Defence help urgently needed. Come to RBS Gogarburn Gardens, off Gogar Station Rd. x

Three climate activists were arrested by Scottish police as they took the site for the Camp for Climate Action in Edinburgh which set up very close to the Royal Bank of Scotland Headquarters at Gogarburn Gardens off Gogar Station Road just after 9pm yesterday evening.
It is understood that the three who were arrested have all been released without charge.

Lothian Bus No. 48 can be taken there from Princess Street going North/West going towards West End of princes street.
Looks like the 10, 16 and 35 will all take you ten minutes' walk from where climate camp is happening (get off at the 'RBS HQ' stop)!
RBS is a 30 minute walk from Edinburgh park station

At night when Number 48 not running one can take the N22, goes a longer route but ends up nearby.