Eviction Aruga!!
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TREES BEING FELLED IN DALKEITH NOW - People needed now, and people and food and tat needed over the next few days, especially climbers and midnight site builders
Tree felling started yesterday. Already about 12 big old oak and birch trees have been chainsawed down. The pixies and the little folk appeared about 5am today. By the time the chainsaw wage slaves turned up for work this morning there were walkways, banners, and lots of hippies in the trees, So the chainsaw wage slaves are enjoying a paid day of hanging around waiting for bailifs.

There are people in trees in langside, along salters road, and in a small but beautiful site that had already been set up at castle steads next to the river esk. PEOPLE NEEDED NOW, and people and food and tat needed over the next few days, especially climbers and midnight site builders.

The planning permission for this road dates from way back in 1992. Since then, the Scottish Executive has recommended that a multimodal trasport sudy is done for this entire transport corridor before any road building goes ahead.The council's public consultation about the road is still sneaking quietly around the area, and the opportunity to respond is open until 9th December, but that hasn't stopped the senseless destruction of the area.

A guy in a suit, claimimg to be a representative of the Executive, but refusing to give his name, angrily told everyone that they were tresspassing and would get into trouble. the hippies responded with monkey noises, and the unidentified suit stumbled off with his top lip quivering.

Come and bring us chocolate, come and join the fun!
This afternoon, the 48-hour notice from the Sheriffs Court was delivered to the protest site at Dalkeith Country Park.

Earlier this morning, tree felling was started. Five trees were lost including a beautiful old oak before protesters successfully blocked any further cutting and halted work.

In response, the liaison officer delivered the 48-hour notice stating all occupiers needed to leave during that period or face prosecution.

More People are urgently needed to protect this woodland!


On Monday 31st October, protesters set-up a tree-sit to stop the destruction that will be caused by the Dalkeith Northern Bypass of the current A68. The tree-sit is in Dalkeith Country Park, a historic 850 acre park that serves as a valuable wildlife habitat and is visited by 50,000 people annually. The proposed bypass would cut the wildlife habitat in two, and while the 1999 Strategic Road Review noted it would offer journey savings, it also noted the bypass would cause "generally negative ratings in the other environmental factors, including global air quality, water, ecology, visual impacts, heritage, and landscape character." Although construction is not supposed to begin officially until the summer of 2006, because of the early spring nesting season of birds and bats, tree-felling is to begin immediately. In response to this emergency, anti-roads protesters have set-up a tree-sit and walkways in the pines that are in the path of the extension. Protesters will also be present at Midlothian Council's upcoming public review to help present the case against the bypasses through Dalkeith Park and through Bilston Glen.

Protesters will remain in the trees until the bypass is defeated.


Dalkeith Protest Site Phone: 077839043697

For more information on the campaign to Save Dalkeith Country Park, visit the

website of the legal campaign:

There is a petition on the Scottish Executive’s site running until the end of November:

Or you can email Midlothian Council directly at: local.planreview (at) or phone at Tel: 0131 270 7500

Directions to the Protest Site

The site is in a stand of pines on the north side of the River Esk after the two branches have joined and near the cut for the overhead electric lines.

Enter Dalkeith Country Park at the north end- entrance off of the A6094 at Smeaton Lodge (between Dalkeith and Whitecraig). Go past Home Farm towards the River Esk, after crossing the bridge the protest site can be accessed by the first farm track on the left (note the site is not accessible for vehicles).

Alternatively, enter Dalkeith Country Park from the main entrance off of the High Street in Dalkeith. Stay on the road leading to the right past the adventure playground, shop and cafeteria; after passing the grazing fields and the power line cut the road will split. Take the left fork towards the River Esk. After crossing the bridge, the protest site can be accessed by the first farm track on the left.

From Edinburgh, Lothian Buses 3 and 3a go to Dalkeith.

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