Offshore Europe 2005 - Oil & Gas Exhibition protest, Aberdeen

Offshore Europe 2005 - Oil & Gas Exhibition (Spearhead Exhibitions)

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In Aberdeen on both Tuesday and Friday this week, activists from Aberdeen city and the Shire acted in coordination to show their disgust and disapproval of Offshore Europe oil and gas exhibition and Spearhead Exhibitions, who are also hosting DSEi next week.

On the Tueday the protest took various forms: with a 25 ft banner attached at the busy roundabout near the main access to the exhibition; with another banner opposite the main entry for visitors and delegates. There was also leafleting close to the entrance and within the foyer.

With Halliburton being one of the main sponsors and having the biggest stand at the exhibition; we thought it appropriate to highlight their link to Guantanamo Bay with an orange overall action, with several activists, including the two wearing orange overalls, breaching the security of the exhibition to make a visual protest inside. They were after some time moved outside by the police.

On the Friday there was again the banner at the roundabout, and a banner and leafletting near the main entrance to the exhibition. The response from the delegates was much more varied and surreal, with one delegate telling an activist he was “living in the dark ages� and another delegate giving four bottles of beer to the activists stating “keep up the good work�.

Nestor Makhno, an student activist living in Aberdeen, said “I felt I should protest this week to draw attention to the terrible human rights and environmental issues surrounding the oil industry, and its support of corrupt regimes in places like South America and Africa.� He also added “I just couldn’t let multinationals like Shell and BP come to my home town without letting them know what I felt about them.�

Errico Malatesta, also from Aberdeen said “I was pleasantly surprised by the response from delegates. Most happily took leaflets, and some even stopped to chat.��

Michael Bakunin was very pleased that some activists turned up and demonstrated against the corporate-dominated world order, and said: “All the natural resources belong to the people, who elect representatives who give it to private companies, who then sell it back to the people. Lets use the profits to finance the development of sustainable, environmentally-friendly energy production so that we can sustain a healthy planet for generations to come."

The police were very interested in our activities both days; uniformed police followed us around and took our personal details, plus plain clothes police took photos of most of us on the first day. There were however no arrests made.

Why not try your hand at the attached "Offshore Europe Activity Book" and "Nestor Makhnos BP Puzzle Pullout"; which were handed over the two days.

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