Camp for Climate Action announced - dates, website, working groups & January meeting

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Stop Climate Chaos

With the government failing and unable to take action on the greatest issue facing our planet, climate chaos, we have to create a grass roots solution

A huge camp is being organised to bring people together to:

* take action against climate change
* provide information on climate change and its causes
* share and live practical solutions
* network with other people campaigning on all the aspects of climate change

The camp will be in the North of England from 26th August to 4th September 2006, and organisation is starting now. If you are concerned about crazy weather and want to start taking action - join us!

Everyone is invited to get involved and come to a public meeting 11am - 6pm 14th January at Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick St, Manchester.

Accommodation is available if you contact us in advance. Please also contact us about any access, dietary or creche needs.
The meeeting space is fully accessible.

For directions to Bridge 5 Mill see

For more information email
or the website at

If you can't come along to this meeting but want to get involved, check out the working groups on the website and contact them direct.
Though there will be regular meetings, and they'll move about the country, there's much you can get involved with between and before coming along.