Eviction Hotline Available - Get on the Bus to Dalkeith Tree-Sit!


There is now an eviction notice hotline that will notify you if there is an eviction if you get in touch, and buses ready to go to Dalkeith as soon as the eviction happens!

The eviction notice still stands, but protesters are still determined to brave the cold to save the trees of Dalkeith Park from being cut. It is crucial that when the police arrive to evict the tree-sit (likely early in the morning) that people be there to provide support, witness any possible brutality by the police, and take note of any possible neglect of environmental regulations by tree-cutters. Since the eviction can happen anytime, it would be useful if you could e-mail your phone number and/or e-mail address to:


In the case of an eviction, we will call you, e-mail you, and SMS(text) you the word Eviction. Then you should e-mail and call all your friends to come on down to Dalkeith! A bus will be available to leave within an hour to leave for Dalkeith Park from outside the Automous Centre and outside the Forest Cafe. This bus will then go straight to the Dalkeith Park tree-sit, and will provide a lift back into town. If you are media please write 'MEDIA' in the subject of your reply e-mail.

Recently the camp has been monitored with a helicoptor, so the eviction is coming. More than anything, people are needed to stay in Dalkeith Park full-time. While it cold, there is free warm food, and with a warm sleeping bag and winter gear you'll be fine.

The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh is at 17 West Montgomery Place, near the huge Post Office off Leith St.

The Forest Cafe is at 3 Bristo Place, near Bristo Square and the Student Union of Edinburgh University.

To contact the protesters directly, call
This includes getting lost on the way to Dalkeith if you try to make it yourself out there and also for media interviews. Sometimes protesters are in the trees and can't answer the phone, be patient.

Updates available daily on the Web:  http://scotland.indymedia.org