breaking news - rossport 5 freed today!!!

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Deserted Mayo breakfast
breakfast interrupted by arrest!

On the 16th of June 2005, "Bloomsday" the 5 were still free, and protesting. That was the morning the Corduff's abandoned breakfast was photographed and we read of how Shell had illegally entered the lands in Rossport to begin illegal work on an illegal pipeline.

The Rossport five have been released FOR NOW from Cloverhill prison. The courtroom was packed with supporters as the decision became clear.There was a group of up to 100 outside during the duration of the hearing which lasted about an hour.

The men could still face jail however as there will be a hearing regarding theissue of civil versus criminal contempt and the punitive nature or not of each on the 25th of October.More details are to emerge on this issue...

The national demo in ireland is to go ahead as planned tomorrow and the hope is with all the media attention todays announcemnet will attract that the numbers could be very big indeed!

The men vowed to fight on as they were surrounded by ravenous journalists at the gates of the Court(and flanked by politicians,many of whom have been absent on the entire issue).The rain could not dampen the spirits of the men and their supporters though as they defended their actions and pledged to continue in the same vein.

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a battle won today but the war far from over