Derby bus station protesters sit tight (& cold)

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Derby Bus Station


Protestors who have spent a month on the roof of Derby's bus station have said the cold weather is not putting them off.

The environmental campaigners set up camp there last month, just before the site was boarded up.

They want to save the art deco site from demolition, and point to a 15,000 signature petition as evidence of popular support.

Developer Metroholst said it is still planning to redevelop it next Spring.

The bus station will be replaced by a new one along with shops, bars, offices and flats as part of the Riverlights project.

As well as a new station, the £83m scheme also aims to improve access to the riverside and tidy up the surrounding area.

But protesters claim the old station had been deliberately neglected and is the only space large enough and sustainable enough for the proper integration of all public transport.

But one of the protestors, Dorothy Skrytek, said her main concern was staying warm.

She said: "We have got a little, petroleum-free, environmentally friendly stove and some very good ex-army gear.

"I've got an army jumper, boots and socks and some NATO extreme weather gear."

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