bristol sainsbury's depot blockaded (again)

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Bristol 2nd Sainsbury's depot blockade


If at first you don't suceed, try try again...Bristol Activists prove persistance and rigorous security pay-off, by succesfully blocking Sainsbury's distribution depot in response to Sainsbury's continued refusal to honour their promise to stop sourcing dairy products from gm-fed cows.

Six environmentalists were arrested overnight following a successful blockade of Sainsbury's Distribution Centre.
A coalition of environmentalists yet again blockaded Sainsbury’s huge regional distribution centre at Emerson’s Green overnight, causing disruption to Sainsbury’s retail supply across the South-West and beyond. Braving sub-zero temperatures and snow, campaigners blockaded the entrance to the depot, locking on for three hours with steel tubes.

Activists are demanding that Sainsburys honour their undertaking to stop marketing dairy products from animals reared on genetically modified soya and maize. Currently the use of animal feed is keeping gm in the food chain despite overwhelming opposition from consumers. Sainsburys
have also been heavily criticised for driving down farm-gate prices for dairy farmers who demand a fair price for gm free milk.

The blockade ended with six arrests. Support will be needed!!
at 3am on the 26/2/05 19 intrepid anti gm and farm campaigners blockaded sainsbury,s bristol depot. arriving at 12.30 there was a swift lock of six people in arm tubes who proceeded to have a 3 hour lie down and even snooze. at 3.30 am the law worked out just how they thought they could release a couple of the lockees, so it was decided to unlock in one place and try to make a run for it as a chain, during this process three support were arrested for aggravated trespass. the lockees then had themselves another sit down when they were told if they unlocked then the three aresstees would be de-arrested and there would be no arressts, partially true as the three support were de-arrested but the six lock ons were taken into custody, at the time of writing (2pm) they were still being held in 2 bristol nicks
Just a late point of clarification- After the chain had been moved off, overwhelmed by cops and dumped on the pavement it became clear that the cops had nicked some of our support team. Those locked together then pointed out to the police that they could stand around for another hour or so while what appeared to be an unmarked and solitary TSG worked out how to unlock us from each other one by one (so we could fit in the van), or they could de-arrest our mates and we'd release ourselves from each other and make their lives easier. They agreed. Sometimes it's worth trying to do deals with the dears.

The next court date, which will just be a pre trial review is on the 29th April (i think) We're hopeing that we'll be able to use it as a way to take apart Sainsburys possition on GM and get detailed coverage of the issues. Love rahh and solidarity to the fine folk of the North who did their depot the other day.