Santas for Sainsburys protest and email action alert

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Give the environment a present this Christmas – Santas for Sainsburys action called for in a store near you. Plus loads of people who need to hear your concerns.

Activists in the UK have done phenomenally well when it comes to keeping genetically modified products out of Britain. The battle for public opinion has been won to the point were the average person on the street distrusts anything to do with GM. Multinationals such as Bayer and Syngenta have taken the hint to get out of the market while the going is good. And the demand for a proper organic alternative is on the up.

We hear that Sainsbury’s is not doing too well financially these day – it seems that despite screwing over all their suppliers they are still struggling to make a few million in profit. If we were spiritually inclined, we would suspect that it was karma coming back to haunt them.

This is the company that seems determined to pollute the countryside in the face of huge opposition by continuing to feed its dairy cattle genetically modified soya. Sainsburys has the power to end the importing of this feed and thus help keep Britain free of this tainted crops. Yet, as can only be expected they would rather put profit before preserving the environment. Hardly surprising when major shareholder, Lord Sainsbury himself, is the Science Minister and has one of the biggest private investments in biotechnology in the country.

And now the biggest hurdle (though not the only one) in the way is Sainsburys who are trying to circumvent all our victories by bringing GM in through the back door. Sainsbury’s own milk brand is produced from cattle fed on GM feed especially imported for them.

Mmmh… GM products coming into the UK! We don’t think so. It’s time to get ethical on this complacent company and take action to make them change their policies. Below is a list of contact details for the top people in Sainsburys, numbers to ring and fax, emails to send polite messages of encouragement and addresses to voice your disapproval.

The demand is simple stop using genetically modified food to feed the cattle used to produce their milk. They have the power to do this.

You may ask will they listen – well, actually we think that they are. Already there is an ongoing campaign that has got them worried. This is a company losing its market share and also suffering instability at the top with significant changes in senior management. On their website, the only press releases not about their financial and managerial situation, are those about the campaign against their GM tainted milk.

This is a company in a lot of trouble as it is, and the last thing they need is the mass of public opinion against them or activists doing their thing in numbers.

Why should you care? – Because, we do not want GM products coming into this country, let alone contaminating the food chain. Despite all their promises there is no guarantee that the feed will not contaminate other foods and fields. By accepting this back route of allowing GM into the country at all, it sends out the wrong message that there are ways around the campaigns and public opinion that could undo all our good work on this issue. And it sends a message to producers around the world that there are ways of pushing their GM poison on us. The door has to be firmly closed.

So it does not matter where you come from on this issue, from vegans to meat-eaters, whether you are pro-countryside or dislike farmers for abusing their cattle, this is a point of principle. Sainsburys are vulnerable and showing it. They are also one of the most important players in encouraging the importing of GM products into the UK. If we want to keep GM out of the UK, then Sainsburys need to see the light regardless of what your think of them or the farmers.

Nevertheless, their greenwashing does not fool us. Sainsburys can be made to see the light if enough people act to put pressure on the company to reverse its GM feed for its dairy cattle to one that is more environmentally sound.

We need you get out and given Sainsburys protest presents to encourage some good will this year. How about a supermarket action such as filing trolleys or standing next to dairy aisles and explain loudly why it contains dodgy chemicals? We are calling on people to dress up as Santa, get a bell and ring it loudly on the streets and aisles so everyone is made aware of the messages.

What is required is for people to get out there and do something positive this Christmas. Even if you are a vegan and against drinking milk from what is essentially factory farming for cattle (as these Santa’s are), then you can still join in and use the fact that the milk is tainted to point out non-dairy alternatives. Why not even hand out free samples of soya milk outside the shop.

Failing all that, you can pop down to your nearest phone, or even stay at your computer and pass on a message of good tidying and wishing a GM free new year by contacting the following staff at Sainsburys – nice and politely.

So, if you cant join the other wonderful activists demonstrating against Sainsburys on a regular basis, there is always something you can do to take action. Turn on the computer, pick up that phone, sharpen those pencils and start contacting them now. Remind them just how successful a movement they are up against….

Below are the emails for the top people at Sainburys. If you contacted them following the last action alert, don’t hesitate to contact them against and ask how Sainsbury’s is progressing on eliminating GM feed being used to feed their dairy hard. If you haven’t already contacted them, then it is time to express your opposition.

We have also included details for other middle management who may not be fully aware of the issues involved in Sainsbury’s use of GM food – please feel free to enlighten them.

Have fun!

Santas for Sainburys

Sainsburys Corporate Headquarters
33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT
0500 405 060
0800 636 262
0800 0154 330

Switchboard 020 7695 6000

020 7695 6227
020 7695 7162
020 7695 7610


Below are the emails, and in some cases other contact details for many of the top people at Sainsburys. Why not drop them a polite message explaining to them directly the pitfalls of Sainsburys’ using GM to produce milk. (Don’t worry – there are plenty more where these came from)

Justin King - Chief Executive -

Philip Hamilton – Chairman -

Ian Merton - Director of Fresh Food -

Jon Arnold - Head of Dairy -
His assistant/deputy is Mark O'Hanlon Tel: 020 7695 5281

Stephen Nelson - Marketing Director -
His PA is Tina Prescott -

Mike Coupe - Trading Director -

Roger Matthews - Finance Director -
His PA is Michelle - Tel/Fax - 020 7695 6025

Tim Pile - CEO of Sainsburys Bank
Email, Mob 07813 833 789

Jim McCarthy - Convenience Stores Director -

Lawrence Christensen - Suppy Chain Director -
His PA is Debbie Stapley - Tel 01256 605 573, Email
Basingstoke Distribution Centre Houndmills Industrial Estate, Basingstoke RG21 6XW

Gywn Burr - Customer Services Director -

Hamish Elvidge - Change Director -

John Adshead - Human Resources Director -

Okay, that’s the top people again. Sainsburys has many other employees who may not be aware of their company’s unethical and downright unenvironmentally friendly policies. Please send them polite messages informing them about why people are campaigning against their employer.

Paul Harris -
Jon Roe -
Parveen Johal -
Oz Ablett -
Chris Webb -
Mark Cummings -
Malcolm Ives -
Sara Neame -
Steve Mellish -
Mark Williams -
Melanie Etches -
Elina Halonen -
Su Jenkins -
Sam Hill -
Elizabeth Johnson -
Nick Haywood -
Stephen Mulvenna -
Tasmin Wiltshire -
Paul Hayward -
Peter Strode -
Stuart Mitchell -
Mark Roberts -
Martin White -

Zara Parry – Tel: 020 7695 7964 – Email:

Paul Louch Tel: 020 7695 6774 Fax: 020 7695 6302; Email:

Alison Austin – Head of Environmental Management
Tel: 020 7695 7584; Fax: 020 7695 7790; Email:

Lists of all emails in this action alert for ease of mailing (you’ve no excuses!),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This action alert is for legal protest only and is not designed to encourage any sort of illegal activity. Please be nice and polite and keep it clean.