56 windows broken in "goodbye" Bayer action, North Yorkshire

A (belated) action report from the Stop Bayer GM campaign.

The Bayer Cropscience building at North Newbalds had all 56 of it's windows broken. The message "No GM - Not Now, Not Ever" was spraypainted on a wall. The windows were doubleglazed so although only the outer panes were smashed the whole lot will probably have to be replaced. One window had both panes broken and a litre of white gloss paint was thrown through to add to the disruption and expense. Let Bayer be aware - if they become the main GM offender again, we'll be back.

This was one of 4 actions against Bayer that happened over the last month as a warning to Bayer to stay out of GM crops.
The 4 actions were the closing of a succesful campaign using direct action against Bayer AG - who WERE the major GM players in the UK and are still major the world over. This campaign saw over 50 varied and diverse actions in a few months, part of a 17 year history of direct action against GM crops the world over.
See www.stopbayergm.org for particulars of the other Bayer actions.