2 more Bayer actions


There have been reports of more actions to send notice to Bayer, just before their AGM, that if they DO continue to push GM crops in the UK they will be hit again.

Here are the first 2 reports in.

Date: Thursday 22 April 2004

On the night of Thursday 22nd April, Newbury town centre surrounding Bayer Plc's UK headquarters was flyposted and stickered with 'Don't Buy Bayer' stickers to let them know that although the campaign is ending, they are being watched and any further attempts to grow GM in the UK will be met with direct action.

The poster read as follows:


Bayer were pushing for GM Maize to be the first GM crop commercialised in the UK, but thanks to a campaign of direct action and sabotage and years of GM field trials being trashed, they have abandoned their plans to grow the Maize and will not carry out any further tests of GM crops.


This is a victory for direct action and if Bayer try to introduce GM crops in the future they will be met with increased resistance.


Date: 29th April 2004

Bayer's wholly owned subsidary, HC Starck, was visited on Thursday night for a quick spraypainting. THe message Bayer - STAY out of GM was spraypainted on the front wall as a gentle reminder that if they do intend to ever plant in the UK we will target them once more!