Phone and Email Blockade of Bayer Cropscience


Monday 22nd of March saw a phone and email blockade of Bayer Cropscience, aimed at undermining their communications and disrupting the smooth running of their offices.

The direct line of Paul Rylott, the head of Bioscience, was chosen along with the main Cropscience email adrress. Unfortunately Rylott's line appeared to have been disconected so for the rest of the day it was the backup number - for the bioscience department - which was called instead. It is not known how many people took part in this action but we must have caused some bother as the operator was taken off the phone early in the day and the answerphone switched on instead. Hopefully when they listened to it it was full of anti-gm messages. Hundreds of emails were also sent.

This was the latest of several phone, fax and email blockades, and a 'virtual sit-in' to have taken place against Bayer over the last 6 months. There will no doubt be more in the future. To be kept informed of them subscribe to the Stop Bayer's GM Crops email list - you can do this at

Bayer Cropscience are targetted as they only remaining company trying to get approval to grow gm crops commercialLy in the UK.