Alcoa Giant finally got it too - Iceland action

Iceland Alcoa Crane 2

original press release:

Today a group of activists invaded the Alcoa construction site at Reydarfjördur and climbed cranes on the site. The aim of this action was to stop the work on the site. Alcoa have been targeted because of their involvement in the Kárahnjúkar dam project and the other proposed dam projects and aluminium smelters in the Icelandic highlands as well as environmental destruction worldwide. The Icelandic high court has judged that the building of the Alcoa factory in Reydarfjördur is illegal; we demand that the construction of this factory is immediately halted in observance of this court ruling.

This action was only one of many that shall be taken against Alcoa and their like in Iceland and across the world. The last clean wilderness in Western Europe, heavy industry must not be allowed to despoil Icelandic nature. This is a call out to the people of Iceland and all in peoples of the earth to stand up and fight against the destruction of our environment and culture.

as you wil see in the video at the end. some strong Alcoa supporters were trying to bust one of the protest supporters car and got arrested for it (dum fuck)

The crane shown in the picture is from a company called Weldex, based in Inverness, Scotland:

Tel: 01463 220333
Fax: 01463 241616

How about calling and e-mailing them and demanding that they remove their equipment from the site?!

Short video of action -

Iceland Alcoa Crane 1