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Greenpeace active supporters in Nottingham continued th summer of action against gas guzzling 4x4s with activists outside the Merlin Land Rover dealershi in Nottingham demanding curbs on the climate-wrecking cars.

Greenpeace active supporters take on 4x4 craze across Nottinghamshire

Greenpeace active suppoters in Nottingham continued the summer of action against gas guzzling 4x4s with activists outsid the Merlin Land Rover dealership in Nottingham demanding curbs on the climate-wrecking cars. This was just weeks after Greenpeace volunteers chained themselvs to the production line at the Range Rover production line in Solihull and 4 activists from Notingham were amongst volunteers chained to Range Rovers in a Manchester dealership. The petrol-powered 4x4 can do just 12mpg in urban areas.

The protest is pat of a nationwide summer of action and road users will become used to seeing road signs saying o 4x4s and 4x4 drivers will find notices on their vehicles reminding them of the climate damage their 4x4 is causing. The Greenpeace campaigners also have produt recall notices which will be placed in car magazines and action cards to local MPs demandingthat they force the Government to take action.

Greenpeace volunteer Rebecca Rothera said "driving cars like this in towns and cities is mad. Many of these vehiles do less than the Model T Ford. That means in 80 years we have gone backwards, and with upto 150,000 people dying every year due to the effects of climate change, we need to ensure our cars are more fuel efficient. With Greenpeace activists across Nottnghamshire ramping up the campaign, we hope more and more people will listen to what we haveto say. Most of these climate wreckers only go off road when they park on the pavement but the greenhouse gases they spew out is killing people and wrecking our plnet."

The Range Rover is the least fuel efficient of Britains top 10 selling 4x4s. Ford, he owners of Land Rover are aggressively marketing its range of urban 4x4s - cars like the Discovery and Range Rover - to urban drivers. It spent £3m on advertisingin London alone last year! Publicity material for these climate wreckers describes them as"astounding. There has never been a Land Rover so focused on awesome tarmac performance."

Protestors will be accompanied by Captain Climate

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