Ceilidh on the Clyde or Boogie on the Bridge

Clyde Bridge 2

The Police had clearly been ordered to have a smiley softly, softly approach and without the MET there to wind things up thats exactly what happened at first. They kept their distance allowing the demonstrators to take the George V Bridge and dance and party and juggle and laugh and do all the things that used to happen pre J18. Kids made chalk murals. Locals played football. A drumming band and a small sound system provided the music. At one point a very drunk individual with obvious mental health issue through a bottle of wine near some people and he was calmly escorted out without any involvement of the plods.

It has to be said that the demo wasn't very political and aside from a few banners and the scorching weather you would never have known that climate change was the issue. All in all it was a relaxed way to wind down after a hectic week and any confrontation after the events in London the day before would have seemed totally inappropriate. The bridge bit was fun.

Meanwhile, outside the thick police cordons, thinner cordons, horses, vans, surveillance cameras on big sticks and many different police forces involved.... The cops were in control most of the time, shifting the people on the bridge this way and that from time to time, at one point realising they'd left the far side open and people were getting out and using another river crossing to appear on the city side...! It was interesting to see the different police styles - some relaxed, some military, some solid cordons, some open ones, many cop samba lines (as in the photo).

Eventually people on the outside of the cordons got bored and took the neighbouring bridge for a while. There were scuffles, police lashing out, and eventually we were pushed back off. There was a trickle of arrests through the day.

Clyde Bridge 1
Clyde Bridge 3