Air Transport - No Future! Tower Bridge Demonstration - 29th November

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From November 28th - 30th, over 300 airline executives from all over the world will gather in London to discuss how to expand the aviation industry. Meanwhile, aviation is now the fastest growing cause of climate change, and transport is the only area of energy use in which greenhouse emissions are increasing rather than falling.

Those living close to airports have long suffered from the effects of noise pollution, traffic congestion and an increase in respiratory illnesses. Now many of those people are being told their homes may be destroyed to make way for more tarmac.

A coalition of eco-activists and local airport residents are coming together to say, "No to airport expansion!"
On November 29th, the airline bosses will be wined and dined on the luxurious Towebridge Walkways. We'll be there to greet them.
Meet at 6pm on the bridge itself or 5.45 sharp at Southwark Needle by London Bridge Station for a critical mass bikeride to the event..
Dress formal to blend with the delegates.
Bring business cards and prepare to network.
Following the demo, there will be a public meeting. Details to be confirmed...

We dramatically alterered the government's road building programme in the 1990s, we destroyed their GM let's stop climate chaos...lets stop airport expansion!

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