barcelona action agains g8 and climate chaos

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Barcelona climate G8 demo

Action done in barcelona this afhernoon against climate caos and REPSOL YPF spanish based oil company responsability. That was a parody of greenwashing, through people dress as REPSOL workers giving ice cubes to pedestrians and drivers as the company solution to mitigate climate warming. The banner says "REPSOL sponsor the weather... and changes it" (REPSOL sponsors the tv daily weather report). The action was part of the Global Day of Action Against Climate caos and Oil Companies. We denunce as well Kyoto: Bussiness is the problem, not the solution!

FYI, the weather report of the public catalan TV is introduced by a short commercial from Repsol. This sort of commercialisation of the weather report in the catalan TV has been going on for years.

By the way, for those wondering if their spanish need brushing up. The banner that the guys are carrying is written in Catalan not Spanish since this is happening in Catalonia not Spain.

Ciao G8!
Freedom for the arrested people!

G8 Tocat i Enfonsat