Urgent: Narmada dam threat: call for solidarity action

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Narmada jalsindhi

Urgent: Indian Government threatens to raise the dam
Call for International Solidarity Actions: 27th Nov. 05
Damage so far: Over 25,000 tribal people displaced, 10,000 people still waiting for resettlement, over 9,000 hectares of forest already destroyed.

Rally for the Valley : 20 years of resistance to the Narmada dam
Please do everything you can to stop the dam being raised even higher:
Protest at Indian Embassies-actions planned across the world
Write to the Indian Government demanding that before anymore work proceeds, the project must comply with the Namarda Award (1979) and the Supreme Court rulings (00,05) conduct an immediate review of the benefits and efficiency of the dam and for the huge backlog of 10, 000 people to receive adequate resettlement. Stop the dam!
Show the campaign film in your community-this is a vital stage for the campaign and more support is needed.
Addresses of nearest embassy, model letters and copies of the film all available from www.narmada.org

Apologies for short notice!
Internationals Welcome to Join Us in India! Rally for the Valley 23rd - 27th November 2005 Please contact us for travel info. asp.

Huge thanks for all the support and actions over the last 20 years!
Please do all you can to protest against the Indian Government’s threat.
In solidarity,
Narmada Bachao Andolan
Save Narmada Movement