Rural Convergence Update


The rural convergence space will be a large self-managed outdoor space near Gleneagles: a space for all who aspire to radical decentralized alternatives to capital, power and ecological collapse. A place to meet, chat, eat, sleep, organise, and more.

Over the past 6 months, people from the Dissent! network have been trying to secure a large piece of land near Gleneagles. Lots of sites have fallen through which appears to have happened because of police pressure. The police appear happier to see people in the big cities, as they know that the area closer to Gleneagles is where we can really shut the G8 down!

We have now been offered a site, but are still negotiating for yet more rural space as the land isn’t as big as some of the others. It is not on the site of an old landfill, but nearby one filled in over 20 yrs ago. It is large enough for thousands to sleep, eat, plan and act from. Families and those with other legal concerns will be prioritised space to stay on the legal sites. Other people may want to form autonomous camping sites in the beautiful Scottish countryside around Gleneagles.

The rural convergence space will operate around a "neighborhood" system, similar to the "barrio" system used at some previous resistance camps. Neighborhoods will host camping, eating and meeting together and will be the focal point of decision making on the site. The neighborhoods will be information and discussion areas to aid communication across the site and beyond. Inter-neighborhood meetings will manage the whole site.

Many groups are already hosting neighbourhoods but more are needed. You don't need to be a huge group or have loads of equipment to host a neighbourhood. The neighborhoods should be self running, once people start arriving. The aim is for each neighborhood to be as autonomous as possible, with its own kitchen or food serving facilities, alternative-technology power sources and meeting space. A neighborhood could also include anything else you would like to bring, like a library, cinema, crèche or spaceship.

A site plan has been created by the 40+ participants at the recent ‘Earth Activist training course’. People are needed to be on site setting up the space on the 25th June until the site opens.

Lots of stuff is needed for the site, see for the full list.

Please provide what you can. Transport is available to get larger objects to the site, although if you can find a way of getting it here yourself, then all the better.

The site will be open to all from the 1st July. Bring a tent and your dreams of another world!

Update - Update - Update - Update - Update - Update - Update

After all the problems and set backs, today we finally signed a legal agreement for some land on which to hold an "eco village". The space is still subject to tests, but so far so good.

The radical convergence in Stirling is happening!

We will be sharing the space with People and Planet, who will be hosting a student activist village and we are working alongside them to provide a safe and lovely space for all to enjoy.

We still need loads of help. Things are going along swimmingly with the neighbourhoods but we need a more people for set up and build site wide stuff we still need more tatting to be done – we specially need loads more timber and buckets, tools would also be handy. We really need more alt tech as well. If all neighbourhoods could contact to say what they are bringing structure wise it would be splendid.

The clanger (there’s always a clanger) is the TAKE DOWN.

Our contract states that we must be off the site by Tuesday the 13th at 9am. We have already negotiated for an extra day (they originally gave us two days) and they have contractors arriving the next day to start making a cricket pitch. Obviously this is a bit tricky and will need all hands on deck, so everyone who can possibly stay to help, please do! There will be a big ol’ party somewhere after the hard work.

In solidarity
The convergence crew


CALL OUT for set up and take down crew for the Hori-zone eco-village convergence space.

Hello to all you handy people.

We are in need of people that will help with SET UP and TAKE DOWN of the HoriZone campsite. We are looking for 50+ people for each case.

SET UP: 25th June - 1st July

We are calling for all those who are able to come to the Stirling area to help with setting up the infrastructure for the site. We would be asking you to join existing site collectives, which are focused on specific areas of work.

If you think you might be able to help please get in touch on

Let us know when you will be arriving and any skills you have, if you have no particular skills we still need you. If you're already coming to set up a space etc but can still be around to help with other stuff please contact this email. If you can bring any tools etc that might be useful let us know.

TAKE DOWN: 9th - 15th July *** NOW 13th July (see above)

If you can't make it up early but can stay around after the summit we also need people to take down all the structures and infrastructure and ensuring the site is spotless.

If you think you may be able to help with this please email Again, let us know when you will be arriving and how long you can stay and any skills you have. Also let us know if you can drive or have access to a vehicle, as we will need to be shipping loads of tat away.

Look forward to seeing you!


Below is an invitation to the HoriZone please circulate as widely as possible, to all lists your on and even the ones your not...


A zone of self-organisation, horizontal decision-making, ecology and autonomy in action.

This is an invitation to a radical convergence in rejection of the G8 summit.
This one of the many projects of the Dissent! network.

While the G8 leaders hold their summit, hidden away in a golf course hotel, a fortress protected by barbed wire and patrolled by thousands of police, we will be presenting real alternative ways of organizing in an open and participatory way, inviting all to take hold of their own lives and take a part in the creation of their own futures.

Convergence 2005 invites all those interested in exploring radical non-hierarchical decision-making and autonomy in action to come to an eco village, camping and convergence site near Stirling, Scotland. The Hori-Zone will be a space for meeting, planning, for conspiring, for practicing horizontal organizing and consensus decision-making. A place to experience sustainable systems that do not bleed our planet dry. A place for building the foundations of the world we know is possible.

The zone is open to all those who wish to see a world free from the shackles of power and who wish to start laying the foundations of a peaceful, just and ecologically sustainable society in the here and now.

The site will operate on a ‘neighbourhood’ system, with people living eating and meeting together. Each neighbourhood will strive for self-sufficiency, in both political and practical terms, but will also contribute to the running and well-being of the entire site. All neighbourhoods will form part of the whole eco-village.

Come, and share your music, your art, your skils, your joy

Bring a tent and sleeping bag (and a sleeping mat if you can), good shoes, map, warm clothes, waterproofs and suntan lotion – you never know!

Hori-Zone will be a place where we eat, sleep, dream, live, love and enact our resistance.

For more information and to register: