Critical Mass to return to Southampton

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Critical Mass graphic 2


In solidarity with protests around the world coinciding with the G8 conference in Scotland, Southampton activists are calling out for a return of critical mass to Southampton

For those who don't know, the idea is simple. As many activists as want to, gather with their bicycles and take a slow ride along some usually busy thoroughfares. Holding up the traffic can create space for other activities and the cyclists themselves can bring attention to why they are doing it by decorating themselves/their bikes with slogans (e.g. pedal power not petrol power, we hate the G8 etc)

There is not a great deal of organising required, simply turn up on the day.

The proposed rides will be taking place from Hoglands Park leaving at 12 midday on Saturday 2 July and Saturday 9 July, bringing attention to the G8 summit happening in the week between.

The critical mass is intended to be complementary to, not in competition with, any other activities planned locally on those days. The rides could draw attention to specific sites or even finish at the location of another event. All ideas are welcome. Dancy dress is positively encouraged - especially if it conveys a message relating to the G8

We hope to announce soon where you can get help with getting bikes roadworthy.

So, spread the word:

Sat 2 July, leaving 12pm Hoglands Park
Sat 9 July, leaving 12pm Hoglands Park