Redditch Save the Trees demo

Save Redditch Trees 1

On Monday 7th March 2005, 20 campaigners held a protest in the town centre, at the scene of the recent destruction of 9 mature trees on Church Green West(see above). Redditch Friends of the Earth helped to organise the protest and boosted our numbers. After posing for the press, we marched through the town distributing leaflets, and then gathered outside the town hall.

After the protest, a dozen campaigners were invited into the town hall for a meeting with 3 environmental council officers - Sue Hanley, Nat Healey and Guy Reavons. During the hour long meeting, numerous questions were asked regarding the loss of trees across the town. But the officers were unable to answer various key questions re the exact reasons for certain trees being destroyed!! They agreed to write to campaigners with their answers but after 2 months, they have failed to do so, which has left us concluding that they cannot justify themselves!!

Help us stop the tree massacre!!

Save Redditch Trees 2