Successful Critical Mass in Worthing

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Critical Mass graphic 6

WORTHING'S Critical Mass against the G8 and Climate Change on Saturday April 30 turned out to be a big success in several ways.

Twenty minutes after the official "gathering" time of 2pm, there were clearly going to be enough people taking part for the whole thing to work out! Hooray!

And after the 50 or 60 cyclists and foot followers had pulled out onto the main Brighton Road and entered the one-way system, there was still no sign of the local constabulary.

One patrol car eventually turned up and tried to halt the procession, but it was too late and too little to derail the proceedings.

The very slow-moving convoy successfully caused a major tail-back of traffic in the busiest road in town, then doubled back on the other side of the dual carriageway to let the drivers stuck in the queue know what it had all been about.

Thanks to last summer's high-profile town squat, Shut The G8 is quite well known in Worthing and an impressive contingent of local teenagers turned out on this event.

Everyone seemed to have a fun time on a sunny day and there was a great deal of enthusiasm for holding another one in the near future. Watch this space!