Activists Break into top UK Nuke Base in tsunami aid protest

2nd January 2005

A pair of teenage activists breached high security at Faslane Base tonight to highlight the annual cost of Trident compared to the sum of aid promised by the British government to help the victims of the earthquake in Asia.

Sam Jones and Joss Garman, both 19 year old students, cut through the outer security fence at the Nuclear Weapons Base causing considerable disruption to base operations and marking the new years’ first direct action against Trident.

Jones, who lived for seven years at Faslane Peace Camp said, "Tony Blair spends 1000 times the sum he has promised in aid to the victims of the earthquake on Trident."

Trident Ploughshares campaigner, Garman, added, "Not content to have killed 100,000 people in Iraq, Blair’s obsession with WMD will now mean that money that could be well spent on humanitarian relief will be spent on a useless and illegal nuclear weapons programme."