saturday club 4x4 antics


the saturday club met this saturday to congratulate the 4x4 drivers of manchester for giving us asthma..causing 25% of all road traffic accidents and for their massive contribution to climate change...

Dressed in suits and a cheerleader the saturday steeped out onto the streets of manchester with certificates to congratulate 4x4 drivers. We lay in wait by traffic lights on deansgate (a traditionally yuppie area in manchester).

When one approched we all approached and asked them to wind down their windows so that we could present them with a certificate.. then we cheered and clapped, through streamers and party poppers all over the vehicle..with someome shouting on the mega phone to alert passers by to why they had won one of our certificates..

(Unfortunately) there were loads of them, they all reacted differently some got angry and some just looked thoroughly ashamed..either way maybe they'll think bout it..

we ended the day by visiting the local hummer dealer Bauer Millett on deansgate to show our disgust at their business of giving kids asthma and encouraging people to drive such oil guzzling machines (a hummer uses more petrol than a tractor!)..we advised their customers against purchasing one and awarded each hummer with a certificate (which the salesman didnt seem to notice us doing as they were still on the vehicles later!)

on our way home we put certificates on each parked 4x4 we passed..hopefully theyl get the message that we dont want their pollution and their accident prone machines..

4x4 drivers: stop taking out you feeling of inadequacy on us and our planet... get some self confidence and a bike....
Award text:

In recognition of your

Outstanding Contribution to Global Warming

On behalf of the people of Manchester and the wider world we would like to thank you for your unthinking and unswerving drive toward ecological devastation. This award represents the steps you have taken to ensure that our lives will never be free from the disastrous effects of global warming and toxic pollution.
Thank You