G8 Environment Ministers' meeting protest, Derby

G8 Derby Flier front

18th March 2005

This July, the G8 - the heads of state of the world's most powerful countries - will be meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland. Whilst they talk of tackling climate change, our government is imposing a huge new roads building program, and almost comprehensive airport expansions. Whilst they talk of relieving poverty in the global south, they uphold a financial system that creates global famine, military repression and social and environmental breakdown.

In preparation G8 Environment and Development ministers will meet at the Breadsall Priory Hotel, near Derby, hosted by Margaret Beckett, UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Why should these people be allowed to meet without opposition? We intend to be there. Bring costumes, music, whistles etc and join us!

Why should these people be allowed to meet without opposition? We intend to be there. Bring costumes, music, whistles etc and join us! Challenge Anneky!

As part of DerbyM17 Ms Anneky Rice will be hosting a special edition of Challenge Anneky. The challenge will be open to anyone opposed to the current social order, and a whole range of fantastic prizes are on offer. Tee-off is at 2.30pm.


Birdie Pie a G8 minister
PRIZE: one night's bed & board at a city centre

*Eagle Plant a skull and crossbones flag in the 18th hole
PRIZE: £2,000 wiped off the debt of the country of your choice

Hole in one Wave this leaflet out of Margaret Beckett's hotel bedroom window
PRIZE: a golfing holiday on one of the world's finest courses**

THE NINETEENTH HOLE Challenge Anneky will conclude with an evening of
top quality entertainment & food at The Mist, 25a Normanton Road from 7pm

*prize kindly donated by Bono ** holiday to be taken between 6th and 8th July 2005 at Gleneagles

For more info email challengeanneky@riseup.net

Derby M17

There will be a base for indymedia a mile away from where the G8 Ministers are meeting. Computers with broadband, WiFi and Lan, Adobe Photoshop, Premire Pro etc. and accomodation if needed for more information contact cattracker2004@yahoo.co.uk

10 cyclists arrested on the Critical Mass bike ride yesterday morning were released on bail last night, pending further investigation and consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service.

They were released between 9.30 and 11, with orders to report back between the 21st and 23rd of April. All bikes have been kept as 'evidence', leaving many people with no way of getting home from the police station.

The arrested were held in custody for about 10 hours, and at one point were driven to Ripley police station to use the only fingerprinting machine in the county. There was a lack of vegan food, and some people were given much more food than others. One person was photographed in her cell, against her will, for 'intelligence' reasons, and all were asked if they were part of any organisations, specifically animal rights groups.

Most people were arrested under both Section 14 and Obstruction of The Highway. They won't know until the end of April whether they will be charged, so please check back then, and show support in court if necessary.

Many thanks to the people who demonstrated outside the police station - the arrestees were driven past on the way to and from Ripley and saw you - and also to the people who met the arrested from the police station - it was much appreciated.

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