Linslade – Demonstration - Saturday 5th March 9.15 and more trees threatened


On SATURDAY 5th MARCH @ 9.15 a demonstration against the bypass will be held at the Wing Hill roundabout, junction of A418 and A505.

This is where the bypass is intended to end and six magnificent oaks have already been felled, with seven more marked with the cross of death (these could still be defended with a treehouse if anybody is interested). The local (Tory) MP Andrew Selous, will be at the demonstration. Whilst predictably he remains in favour of the bypass, he has agreed to ask some questions in parliament about the way in which it received permission. There is also the possibility of a Samba band coming along.

Transport from Oxford: Details have yet to be finalised but a vehicle should be leaving from Manzil way at 8am and return to Oxford shortly after midday.

This should enable those who want to attend the Azim Anzari demonstration also at 1pm. More details will follow. The only other way to get to Linslade this early from Oxford is by train via London, but this is expensive (£20-£30). The protest site is about a 20-minute walk from the station.
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Whilst sadly it looks as though the road will be built it is still worth protesting.
This bypass is only the start of a four-section road from Aylesbury to Milton Keynes, which could effectively form another motorway parallel to the M1. Continued protest will hopefully make the council think twice about continuing this scheme and further actions / camps on the bypass site will increase security costs.

About two miles north of where Saturday’s demonstration is due to take place the full scale of destruction can be seen. Where 2 weeks ago stood several lovely old trees and the protest camp now is mud, machinery and fencing. Sections of oil pipeline are visible in the field south of the road in preparation for the pipeline diversion.