alternative energy, films and a poet - Manchester

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Get Clued Up Energy

In January saturday club will be focussing on Energy- practical alternatives and the problems with the energy sources we currently use. It will all kick off

get clued up about energy

friday 13th January 7pm at the basement 24 lever st. manchester

the night will feature speakers to talk about what's wrong with the current ways we get our energy and also experts to discuss the more sustainable alternatives.

We shall also be showing short films and poetry performance from mark gwynne jones, see

people's kitchen vegan food will also be available at a teeny price.

its free to come, and open to all.

if you would like to speak or have a film to show please get in touch and we'll see if we can find a spot in the schedule and if its covering something we're not yet, just email

throughout the month we shall also be running practical workshops in how to make some of these ideas practical solutions to your personal sustainability (or unsustainability) issues ..for example: how to wire up a solar panel to the heating system in your house, how to fix a wind turbine up to your flat, how to convert your van to bio diesel, a bike workshop and more stuff. the dates of these workshops shall be posted soon and more details again available at

one of the reasons we chose this date was because of the national open meeting about the camp for climate action that will take place the following day in manchester from 11am to 6pm at bridge 5 mill, ancoats. We hope that our event on friday can act as a way to get clued up about the issues and as social before that. their email is if you want more info

see for more info