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You can’t buy beauty.

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We wanted to do a positive action, one that made people think without making them feel bad about themselves or angry towards us for blaming them. So instead of just sabotaging L’Oreal or telling people what was bad about them we decided to make people feel good without the use of makeovers or L’Oreal’s unethical and harmful products.

We went out into the street, outside Boots where they sell not only L’Oreal but hundreds of other unethical beauty products. We gave out stickers saying ‘I don’t need a makeover because I am beautiful’, we had pieces of paper that said ‘I don’t need a makeover because…’ and asked people to fill in their own reasons. We also gave out alternative, natural beauty tips and recipes and leaflets explaining why L’Oreal isn’t worth it.

We also made stickers to put onto L’Oreal’s products warning people about the harmful chemicals they contain, and their unethical behaviour. These were put onto their shampoo, makeup and anti-ageing cream packaging in the shop.

The response was amazing, everyone seemed really cheered up by the whole thing, asking for more stickers for their friends and filling in the paper with comments like (I don’t need a makeover because…) ‘I am happy with who I am’ and ‘I am worth more than L’Oreal’. We brought a smile to people’s faces where L’Oreal bring only low self-esteem, harmful chemicals and unethical practices.

to get involved in future stuff email us: info at dosummat dot org dot uk

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