Newbury Bypass reunion Sat Jan 7th

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There will be a reunion this weekend to commemorate ten years since the start of construction work on the Newbury bypass.

Although work started on the 9th, we are meeting on Saturday 7th as it is the nearest weekend (and some of us are involved in commemoration protests on the 9th!). There are no actions planned for the 7th, just a demo and meeting up.

Where - Middle Oak (A4/A34 junction)

When - Sat. 7th Jan 2006, from 2pm. Followed by get together and candlelit vigil at Donnington Castle.

What to bring - everything you need; there is no campsite or camp or accomodation sorted out, but we expect to find a place to camp, but please bring what you need as we are not providing anything. Bring candles and food to share too please!