Derby bus station protest continues, still no work on redevelopment

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Derby bus station protesters' tent

Since the site was closed in October 2005 no work has started on the proposed £90m Riverlights project.

Campaigners against the changes have been camping on the roof of one of the bus station buildings to halt demolition work, though the delays are apparently not chiefly because of their action. .

Friends of the Earth campaigner Dorothy Skrytek, who has now been on the rooftop for over two months, said: "They should forget looking for another developer. They should refurbish the place and give it back to the community."

The Bus Station Action Group has also been campaigning against the work for years, and raised a 16,000-signature petition. Supporter of the Bus Station Action Group Pat Woolley said: "The council should do the right thing, swallow its pride and open it up again. Not enough thought is being given to the travelling public."

Part of the source of the delays appears to be the "unexpected hospitalisation" of the principal developer behind MetroHolst Riverlights Ltd. Councillor Chris Williamson, leader of Derby City Council, has admitted that the station should not have been closed, but said: "Had the unfortunate circumstances not incapacitated the leading director of MetroHolst, then I think we had every expectation that the work would start."

According to the Derby Evening Telegraph, several developers have been identified as potential saviours of the project, which is meant to involve a modern bus terminal, bars, restaurants and leisure outlets, a 150,000 sq ft office block and residential apartments.

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Urgent support is needed on this climate change protest
The protesters are looking for volunteers to stay on the roof for a couple of nights or hours so they can get a break, read fan mail, and the like - Call 07979 238913 or 07854 807129