Earth Liberation Prisoners! Bulletin (14th January 2006)

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Prisoner Solidarity 1

Dear friends
ELP has five lots of news for you today:

1 (USA) Three new eco-prisoners
2 (Italy) Marco Martorana under house arrest
3) (Britain) Jan Lawrence released
4 (USA) Message from Kevin Tubbs support campaign
5 (USA) More mail restrictions for the 7th December arrestees.

1) ELP has just learnt about the arrests of three people in America who have
been accused of planning to carry out Earth Liberation Front activity. As
we understand it, they have not been accused of actually doing anything,
just accused of "planning" to do something. (Does this sound familiar to

The news of the arrests has literally only just come in so we have very
little details, however below is a mainstream media article which reports
the arrests.

Please send urgent letters of support to:

Sacramento County Main Jail
651 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Sacramento County Main Jail
651 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Sacramento County Main Jail
651 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

If anyone has other further information about Lauren, Zachary or Eric or
their alleged offences please do get in contact. And here is that
mainstream media article we promised you:

> FBI Arrests 3 Suspected ELF Members In Auburn
> Foils Plot To Blow Up Cell Towers And Power Plants
> (CBS 13) SACRAMENTO The F.B.I. has foiled an alleged plot to blow up
> cell towers, power plants and U.S. Forest Service sites by arresting
> three suspected ELF members in Placer County.
> The FBI made the arrests this morning after a long investigation.
> 20-year-old Zachary Jenson of Monroe, Washington, 20-year-old Lauren
> Weiner of Philadelphia and 28-year-old Eric Taylor McDavid of
> Foresthill, California were taken into custody in a shopping center
> parking lot in Auburn. The FBI says the three were acting on behalf of
> the Earth Liberation Front.
> The FBI says the arrests were based on evidence that the three were
> plotting to use explosives to blow up several sites. Their alleged
> targets included facilities owned by the United State Forest Service,
> cell towers and power plants. Although, the FBI says they do not believe
> there was any immediate danger to the public.
> The federal government calls the Earth Liberation Front an environmental
> terrorist group with no known leader. They have claimed responsibility
> for dozens of attacks that have caused an estimated $40 million in
> damage.
> This is not the first ELF arrest in Placer County. In February of last
> year, 21-year-old Ryan Lewis of Newcastle was arrested in connection
> with a series of explosive devices found at several Placer County sites.
> The FBI says he also was acting on behalf of the ELF.

2) Despite the bad news of the above arrests, ELP does have some good news.
Italian anarchist Marco Martorana has been released from prison under house

3) Staying with the good news. British animal rights activist Jan Lawrence
has been released from prison under the electronic tagging system.

4) ELP has received the following mailout from Kevin Tubbs support

> Hi Everyone,
> Just wanted to send out an update on Kevin Tubbs. Kevin is still being
> housed at the Lane County Jail in Eugene, Oregon. He is awaiting
transport to the federal detention center in Sheridan, Oregon, but we have no way of
> knowing when this will happen. This may be as soon as next week, or may
be in a couple of months. In the meantime, all of the letters of support
from people are really keeping Kevin's spirits up. He tries very hard to
respond to each person that he receives a letter from. Jail is a very cold and
> lonely place, and mail call is the highlight of the day. Check out all of
> Lane County Jail's rules of
> He can receive letters and cards as long as there is no glitter, stickers,
> staples, anything taped or glued down, etc.... Envelopes are withheld
from him so please remember to also write your return address on the letter
> itself. (But a return address label stuck on the letter will be rejected)
> Kevin turns 37 this coming Wednesday, January 18th. Please take the time
to send Kevin a birthday greeting! It really means a lot to him. We would
love to flood him with cards and letters from friends and strangers. It will
> only take a minute and it will mean so much to him! Letters can be sent
> to:
> Kevin Tubbs #1213751
> Lane County Jail
> 101 West 5th Ave
> Eugene, OR 97401
> As soon as we have a new address for him we will post it to his support
> website, . Please continue to check the website
> for updates.
> Kevin can use support in the form of books, letters and money. Right now,
> we are holding off on sending him a lot of books, because if and when he
is transferred, he will not be able to take any personal belongings with him.
> We will post a reading wish list to his website soon.
> Any donations of support can be sent to: Kevin Tubbs Support Fund c/o PO
BOX 3025 Eugene, OR 97403. Checks or money orders can be made out to Kevin
> Tubbs. A contributory account has also been set up at Oregon Community
> Credit Union and donations can be deposited directly into the account that
> is held in trust for him. Kevin has a large family of rescued cats and
dogs and is very concerned about being unable to provide for their long-term
> care. Any donations of support are greatly appreciated.
> You can also contribute to Kevin's commissary fund at the jail so he can
buy paper, postage and other necessities. You must send money orders only,
with his full name and prisoner ID number on the money order, mailed in a
> separate envelope from any card or letter to the same address as above.
> We will send out another update as soon as he has been transferred and has
a new address. Thanks for all of your support,
> Friends and Family of Kevin Tubbs

5) As mentioned above, there are some very strict restrictions on what can
and can not be sent to the prisoners, arrested on the 7th of December 2005,
who are held at Lane County Jail. Another "rule" the jail has come up with
is that NOTHING may be attached to the envelope other than stamps and
address labels. Any letter which is sent to the prison which contains
anything else attached to the envelope will be rejected, this includes Air
Mail stickers! Just recently British ELP had copies of our newsletter,
Spirit of Freedom, rejected by the prison because they arrived in envelopes
that had Air Mail stickers on them! If you are writing to the 7th of
December prisoners from outside America and sending your letter by Air Mail
please do not use an Air Mail sticker, but instead just manually write Air
Mail where the sticker should be.

ELP will naturally keep you informed as to all the crazy rules Lane County
Jail is coming up with.

Also just to let people know, ELP has discovered that Lane County Jail is
NOT allowing the 7th of December prisoners to write to overseas supporters.
Therefore if you live outside of America and have not received a reply to
your letter of support, please don't feel disappointed. Your letter was
very much appreciated. Its just the prisoner isn't allowed to reply to you.
However please don't let the fact the prisoner can not reply to your letter
stop you from writing again. As mentioned above, the prisoners love
receiving your letters and as Kevin's support campaign mentions, for many
prisoners the highlight of their day is when the mail arrives.


"Prison is a weapon used by the State to crush individuals who step out of
line" (Michael Collins - former Mayday 2000 prisoner)

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