Dalkeith Protest - Wednesday Update & Saturday solidarity picnic info

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Eviction Aruga!!

18 Jan 2006

Today, the eviction of the middle site at Dalkeith Park - anti-A68 Bypass protests continued. All protesters in the trees were removed today from this site resulting in six more arrests. However, protesters still remain in underground defences.

Tomorrow, the eviction team will most likely continue on Middle Site. It is also likely that the bottom site will be fenced in very soon. There is still time to visit, but hurry!

Each day, there has been a legal observation area. If you want to show support for this protest but are unable to be arrested, you can go to the viewing area where shouts of support, drumming and banners will all provide an extra boost for those who are still resisting the destruction of these beautiful woodlands. Better still, don't enter some sanctioned legal pen that's only designed to control you - break free and wander. This'll take some of the 'forces of doom' to deal with you, and so slow down the eviction - you don't have to get arrested to do this, but if you don't mind, try to break through and lift the spirits of the treesitters!


Saturday Solidarity Picnic at Dalkeith Country Park!
Come out, have some fun, and show solidarity with those who remain in the trees at Dalkeith Park resisting eviction.
The Plan- Saturday 21 January, Picnic @ Dalkeith Country Park

Pack a picnic basket, role up a blanket, and head out to Dalkeith Country Park for the afternoon.
Ask the friendly men and women in the bright yellow jackets if they can point the way to the picnic (A.K.A. - the legal observation area for the eviction). [see above comments]
Get to the picnic area, meet your friends, lay down your blanket, trade your egg sandwhich for your friend's pickle sandwhich. Have a cup of tea and a scone.
Have a laugh!

Also can bring drums, instruments, music, banners, balloons, kites, frisbees, beach balls, whatever you fancy.

This may literally be one of the last days you get to enjoy this patch of beautiful woodlands, and by this time next year Dalkeith Country Park will not be the same with a motorway running through it.

Protesters still remain in the trees and determined to resist eviction as long as possible. This is a great way to show solidarity with the campaign, encourage them, and enjoy a nice day in the country.

Rides will be leaving from Forest Cafe in Edinburgh at noon. If you need a ride come and get one; if you have extra space in your vehicle come and give a ride.