2 more arrests and direct evidence of FBI infilitration of activist meetings around US

2 more arrests and direct evidence of FBI infilitration of activist meetings around US

The FBI's witch hunt against US activists continues, with two more charged with arson in the last 36 hours, both from Oregon state. Jonathon Paul, 39, of Ashland and Suzanne Nicole "India" Savoie, 28, of Appelgate were both indicted for their alleged involvement in a 2001 firebombing at the offices of a Superior Lumber Mill in Glendale, OR, an action claimed by the Earth Liberation Front. These latest arrests bring the total indictments in the past month on ELF and/or ALF charges to 11 -- all are likely to face 20 years to life in prison.

Jonathan has long been an outspoken advocate for direct action for environmental causes, gaining the attention of numerous industry-backed anti-environmental groups and the FBI for his activism. Jonathan also was involved in Earth First! campaigns, was on the Sea Shepard crew, and was involved in founding the American Whales Alliance and Ocean Defense International. Jonathan also spent 6 months in jail in 1992 for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating Animal Liberation Front activities.

Suzanne, also an environmental activist, had been visited in on December 7th by two FBI agents and several state police officers who subpoenaed her to appear before the grand jury hearing scheduled for February 16th in Eugene. The FBI tried to intimidate her into talking, essentially stating that "women usually take the fall for men and that she shouldn't let that happen". Jonathon was also subpoenaed around the same time.

Jonathon's arraignment is Thursday, January 19th. Suzanne has not been arrested, and is still "at large".

Further Developments in Sacramento arrests: FBI infiltrator was running in activist circles

On Friday, January 13th Eric McDavid, Zachary Jenson and Lauren Weiner were arrested in Auburn, California and accused of "conspiring to damage or destroy by explosive or fire" cell phone towers, power plants and US Forest Service facilities. No arson occurred, however: the charges allege the 3 were planning one. All are requesting support and letters, and Lauren is requesting help securing vegan food.

The latest development here is the release of the FBI's affidavit in the case, which relies heavily on a deep cover, paid infiltrator. Supporters of the Auburn 3 identified the informant as a young woman named "Anna" who "went to Auburn" with the defendants shortly before their arrests. According to the affidavit "Anna" has has provided information in at least 12 anarchist cases since 2004. She has traveled to and infiltrated various anarchist gatherings and protests across the country including the Biodev 2005 demonstrations in Philadelphia, a CrimethInc. convergence in Indiana and the Feral Visions green anarchist gathering in North Carolina, all the while recording conversations and communicating with the FBI.

All this follows the 6 arrests of people accused of Earth Liberation Front activities last month.

Please write letters of support to these prisoners. Always check for up-to-date contact information and guidelines at the North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network.