Time to take on nuclear the best way we know - Direct-Action

Its seems that the government in all its supidity is going down a course of possibly building a new generation of nuclear power stations in this country. Those of us who have fought this big ugly monster for years, and those who haven't are fully aware of what these things hold out for both the environment and neighbouring communties. This in mind, a few of us have set up a new network, Community Resistance Against Nuclear Energy, CRANE which it is hoped will bring activists and community groups together to resist what ever the government decides to execute. The aim is to have a no compromise approach on this, and CRANE, has been set up by some of the orginal EF organisers in the UK from the earlhy 90's, who've decided to come out of 'retirement' to take this campaign on. If this government policy goes ahead, then common sense tells us we've got one hell of a fight on our hands, and have to use all the tricks in the book to resist and mobilise opposition. At the moment, i think the idea is to create regional and local organisers/contacts across the country, as naturally we aren't a hundred per cent sure exactly where they've decided to locate the new plants. Until we know where, i think its a matter of building up info, watching and networking to increase numbers, and new allies.
Those of you that want to get involved, then magic, be good to hear from you.