Suttongrad London squat eviction alert

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Eviction Aruga!!


Sutton street eviction alert tomoorow wed morning 8.30 am onwards.

SUttongrad. No 2 -4 sutton street whitechapel.
Urgent eviction alert tomorrow morning. This is a request for all to come and gather in support either outside in the morning or come in earlier or later to come in.

Sutton street is currently home to a diverse and multicultural group of local and international squatters, campaigners, musicians, artistst plus others going by theur usual lives. THe council who own the property want to evict this diverse group of squatters to make a carpark for coach in the future, which also happens to be jut opposite a school.

Above all there are no coaches to park at the minute. Its a usual propoganda to evict people for whom this is the only home and pput security in it for months. PLease come and help. We know its cold but we also believe that if we have enough support outside or inside then the authoroties may be forced to THINK,

COME ON u cant evict people from their homes in a bitter winter and board it up just to make a car park in the future.