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Critical Massive, London report

London Critical Mass by Big Ben

The police tried to ban Critical Mass

We showed them who runs London
I am very proud of London right now.

The last Friday of every month fields Critical Mass, London’s weekly bike protest street party. We meet under Waterloo Bridge at 6pm, & ride at 7. At the last mass, end of September, after a week of protests against DSEI, the worlds biggest arms fair, held in the Docklands Excel centre, the police handed out letters explaining that because Critical Mass was an unlicensced protest, with no organiser & no official route, cyclists at the next Critical Mass would be facing arrest.

Saving Iceland gathering held in Forestfields

iceland dam graffitti interpretation board

This weekend, at a venue in Forestfields people from accross the country came together to discuss the issues and ways of oposing the expansion of heavy industry in Iceland.

Heathrow's Third Runway challenged by villagers.

no 3rd runway 1

Picture a typical activist protest - DSEI, G8 or Critical Mass.
Blend in a movie with villagers, flaming torches and pitchforks.

Welcome to NOTRAG, No to the Third Runway Action Group,

Saorsa Open Day Pictures and Report, Glasgow

Saorsa mural
Saorsa cafe

30 Oct 2005

The Saorsa Open Day was a full success. The G42 Collective provided t-shirt printing facilities, film screenings, internet access, a rebel cafe and a friendly welcoming atmosphere on the first floor of 674 Pollockshaws Road in the south of Glasgow.

The Open Day officially launched the activities of the Social Centre, which came into existance in the summer to support the G8 counter mobilisation.
The name "Saorsa"means "freedom" in Scottish Gaelic and was spotted on the Glasgow Zapatista Mural, which has now taken the centre-stage of the main wall in the Social Centre.
Since the summer, G8 prisoner support meetings have taken place in the centre, as well as regular meetings of the Glasgow Zapatista Support Group and Glasgow Reshape.
With benefit gigs such as the Warehouse Party "Section 60" end of september, the centre funds most of its costs.
Now, the G42collective behind the centre plans to expand the opening times and facilites, such as a distributed library network, an infoshop and initiating a regular Sunday Social.

Radical Social Centres in the UK - new list

Social centres organise to create new worlds, new possibilities, real leisure and social alternatives to wage labour and centralised power. Although more established in countries like Italy and Spain, the concept of social centres as a political strategy is taking off all over the UK.

Camp Bling (Southend, Essex) Five weeks old!

Camp Bling entrance

Road protest site into its fifth week. Come down and help out, check out the website.

We are now working hard to consolidate our position on site, to make it as defendable as possible, and to

Titnore protesters defy police - but one arrest

A PROTEST against the destruction of Titnore Woods in Durrington, Worthing, went ahead this afternoon (Saturday October 29), despite police attempts to crush it.
One man was arrested but at the time of writing is not known to have been charged with any offence.

Protesters sit it out on Derby bus station roof


A roof top protest by environmental protesters is causing quite a stir in Derby, they have camped out on top of the soon to be demolished bus station roof and have been there for a week now, as part of a last ditch attempt to stop it being knocked down to make way for a £90 million Riverlights scheme. Protesters need help

A Halloween Ride - In Solidarity & Celebration, Bristol

critical mass cartoon

Friday 28 October, 5pm, College Green, Bristol City Centre

It's been a while since Bristol saw a Critical Mass bike ride, now its time for one!

Big turnout for Halloween critical mass, Bristol

28th Oct 2005

Around 200 cyclists and others answered the callout for a Halloween ride in Bristol on Friday night (see The ride was held in solidarity with the reported clampdown on the 12 year-old monthly London critical mass ride, and to celebrate the sustainable culture & economics of cycling. The callout was issued by an ad hoc collection of individuals involved in peace, transport, climate change and anti-capitalist campaigns. You can read a report on the massive London ride, of upto 2000 riders & others, including mobile samba band, on the UK Indymedia front page here

Breaking news from the Jericho 'Save the boatyard Campaign'

Oxford boatyard court demo

Our court case has been adjourned until such time as a judge can rule on our call for an adjournment for judicial review on grounds of British Waterways (BW) breaching our article 8 rights of the 1998 European human rights acts, by closing the boatyard. So we have now a stay of execution and an opportunity to adress BW policy on this matter. This is cutting new ground as a body of precident has yet to be set on the use of the human rights act, in fact The house of Lords have a tabled motion to debate whether citizens can use the act to defend against eviction. The high court does not currently concur but the european court does, the court of appeals has ruled in favour backing up the european court so the House of Lords must decide. The cases involved have revolved around the gypsy issue.

Activists blockaded the Alcan aluminium smelter in Fort William on Tuesday 25th October

Scotland Iceland protest 1


Five people locked together using lock-on tubes blocking the only access road and denying entry to vehicles supplying equipment essential in the infrastructure and operation of the smelter. The blockade started at the beginning of the morning shift change and lasted for almost five hours.

Anti-Trident Campaigners put Brakes on Rolls Royce, Derby

Rolls Royce Derby

24th October 2005

10 peace campaigners were arrested at Rolls Royce Raynesway in Derby this morning whilst attempting to shut down the factory with a non-violent blockade. 40 activists congregated in spite of heavy rain, two section 14 orders and an extraordinarily heavy police presence. They were attempting to uphold international law by closing the factory for the day. Rolls Royce Raynesway makes the nuclear engines for Britain’s illegal nuclear weapons system Trident, and is essential for its deployment.

Worldwide Day of Action against McDonalds - Sunday 16th October

Burned McD

Image above actually from French riots of a few weeks later!

McDonalds Day 2005 Birmingham

In Birmingham, 13 campaigners met up at midday, and staged demos outside all 4 of McDiseased city centre stores.

Peak Park HGV ban protest

Peak Park road protest 1

The Save Swallow's Wood Campaign held a protest on Friday 14th October outside the national park authority headquarters in (Aldern House, Bakewell).