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Save Dale Farm banner



I'm asking everyone who can to come to Dale Farm and help us stop Basildon council bulldozing plots on Monday morning (1 August).

police endanger Iceland dam protestors


Police and security guards at the Karahnjukar Dam construction site in Iceland, last night ordered the bulldozers drivers to start their engines and move off, despite there being more than 25 people locked on to the underside of their vehicles.

First lock on in Icelandic history

Iceland Blockade 1

On Tuesday 19th July 2005.a group of approximately 20 of us hiked to the main junction approaching the site. Four of our group locked on to a pick up truck and a HUGE caterpillar construction vehicle. We managed to block 2 other access roads and hault work on the site for three hours. This was a first in Icelandic history:the police had to make up a word for “lock-on�. Thirteen of us were “detained�, apparently “arrested�, and later released without charge....with the warning that Impregilo were “looking at this incident with grave eyes� and were likely to make a civil case. Impregilo have since changed their mind. For a change, the media did report that the protesters were “friendly�!

G8 grangemouth protest

Grangemouth 1


On the same day as the Dungavel protest, People & Planet peacefuly protested outside BP Grangemouth Oil refinery.

Grangemouth 2

Esso station shut down, Edinburgh


G8 activists have shut down Esso’s Musselburgh services near Old Craighall in Edinburgh by pouring vegetable oil over the forecourt in protest against the G8’s complicity in catastrophic global climate change, and in a refusal to let their dissent against the G8 be silenced.

Plymouth farmers & shoppers demo at Sainsburys

Sainsburys plymouth demo

As militant cows, we would like to thank the 15 shoppers and farmers who demonstrated in the pouring outside Sainsbury's Marsh Mills store in Plymouth this Saturday. We cows get stuffed with untested GM bullshit yet recieve a pittance from the supermarkets in exchange. We say "cows unite – storm the aisles" – which is exactly what a fellow herd of cows did on the same day at Sainsbury's in Sherborne, Dorset (but we'll let them tell you about it themselves).

Cows greet sainsburys shareholders at AGM

Sainsburys AGM

Anti-GM campaigners dressed as cows leafleted shareholders entering the Sainsburys AGM taking place at the QEII conference centre in London today.

Critical Mass to return to Southampton

Critical Mass graphic 2


In solidarity with protests around the world coinciding with the G8 conference in Scotland, Southampton activists are calling out for a return of critical mass to Southampton

M74 actions in Glasgow on 9 July

Two actions took place in Glasgow in solidarity with the Jam74 coalition against the M74 motorway in south east Glasgow on the 9 July 2005 Day of Action about climate change

JAM74 logo

Sydney G8 climate action

Sydney G8 climate action


About 100 people joined a colorful and loud G8 solidarity action in Sydney, Australia tonight. The climate criminal carnivale focused on a range of corporate and government offices that are contributing to climate chaos.

Two climate activists occupy Edinburgh bridge in response to a hollow G8 communique.

climate bridge banner 2


2 autonomous activists climbed onto the bridge that traverses Leith Street, connecting the St James Mall to the car park, in Central Edinburgh at 5pm today.

'G8 Gr8 failure for climate' banner hang

G8 climate banner


Banner on the railings on Princes Street near station

Operation Splish Splash Splosh - clowns visit petrol stations

Splish 3

Clownbatants from the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) visited two petrol stations in Glasgow today to thank Shell and Jet for their contributions to global warming. They brought paddling pools, sandpits, and aquariums to the forecourts, to illustrate the effects of climate change.

Ceilidh on the Clyde or Boogie on the Bridge

Clyde Bridge 2

The Police had clearly been ordered to have a smiley softly, softly approach and without the MET there to wind things up thats exactly what happened at first. They kept their distance allowing the demonstrators to take the George V Bridge and dance and party and juggle and laugh and do all the things that used to happen pre J18. Kids made chalk murals. Locals played football. A drumming band and a small sound system provided the music. At one point a very drunk individual with obvious mental health issue through a bottle of wine near some people and he was calmly escorted out without any involvement of the plods.

barcelona action agains g8 and climate chaos

Barcelona climate G8 demo

Action done in barcelona this afhernoon against climate caos and REPSOL YPF spanish based oil company responsability. That was a parody of greenwashing, through people dress as REPSOL workers giving ice cubes to pedestrians and drivers as the company solution to mitigate climate warming. The banner says "REPSOL sponsor the weather... and changes it" (REPSOL sponsors the tv daily weather report). The action was part of the Global Day of Action Against Climate caos and Oil Companies. We denunce as well Kyoto: Bussiness is the problem, not the solution!